What Do Creative Computing and Chef Gordon Ramsay Have in Common?

Creative Computing is a trusted and well-known Apple Specialist. Gordon Ramsay is a trusted and well-known chef, restaurateur, and foul-mouthed reality show host.

What on earth do we have in common (besides being trusted and well known)?


1. We both LOVE to help restaurant owners

2. We both use LAVU P.O.S. Systems in order to do so. 

Except at Creative Computing, we use A LOT less curse words while working - unless you make us mad (just kidding, of course).

Check out this video to see why Chef Ramsay - and Creative Computing - take the utmost pride in using LAVU POS Systems. Contact us for you free restaurant consultation today - we have everything you need to get your businesses running at the top of its game!

Actually, not everything - Chef Ramsay isn't included. We just stick to the technology (although I heard our marketing guy makes some mean french toast).

How's Tha Weatha? 3 Awesome Weather Apps That Will Keep Your Forecasts Clear!

photo via our own Dan Bassini!

photo via our own Dan Bassini!

Weather - it's the first topic brought up in really boring conversations, and it's one of the few things that universally affects everyone. From millionaires to Pre-Schoolers, if it rains, you are going to get wet! That's why it's so important to keep on top of the latest forecasts, especially during these crazy summer months - you never know if you should pack sunscreen or an umbrella when you head out in the morning (choose wisely my friend).

Fortunately, these three apps can keep you up-to-date on all the forecasts and help you prepare for whatever lies ahead - rain or shine. We all have computers in our pockets nowadays, so there's no excuse not to get one of these apps on your phone. So embrace your inner Al Roker, and don't forget the sunscreen when you head to New Hope this weekend - it's going to be a hot one!

1. Dark Sky

via techcrunch.com

via techcrunch.com

This iOs app with the ominous name shows ridiculously accurate, up-to-the-minute forecasts and not only tells you IF it will rain, but when, how much, and for how long. Seriously, it's that good. Combine that with some of the most precise day-to-day and long-range forecasts money can buy (yes - the one drawback to Dark Sky, it's a PAY-for App running at $3.99) and you have the only weather reference you'll ever need. Galoshes not included...yet.

2. Yahoo Weather

via yahoo.com

via yahoo.com

For those pinching pennies - or simply unwilling to pay for the same info sticking your head out a window will tell you - there's Yahoo Weather, a FREE app that many still consider to be the best out there. Besides a generally accurate weather forecast (well, as accurate as weather forecasts go, anyway), this app is simply gorgeous to look at, with their design clearly inspiring Apple's recent re-do of their own built-in Weather App. Which leads us to...

3. Apple Weather

via Apple Insider

via Apple Insider

For those who don't want to spend any money (or even browse in the App-Store), there's a perfectly well-functioning Weather App built right into your iPhone (You lucky Apple-user, you!). It may lack the pin-point accuracy of Dark Sky, or the beautiful layouts and design of Yahoo, but honestly, what more do you need in a weather app then the temperature and a relatively decent forecast? Both of which this App readily provides. If all else fails, you can just tilt your head up and look at the sky once in a while...it wouldn't kill you to look away from your phone, you know! 

The Importance of Being Local...

Happy Fourth of July and welcome to our new and improved blog site! On this Independence day, we have one question to ask you:

Did you buy something today?

The answer is almost certainly a ‘yes’ for most adults living in this country. However, an overwhelming amount of purchases made by modern Americans are now made at nationwide chains, not at small, locally-owned businesses.

Local businesses, once the backbone of our economy, are now facing unprecedented challenges in light of our country’s recent economic struggles. As chain-stores and large corporations increasingly make their move onto our “Main Streets”, more and more local businesses are being pushed out as a result. How can a small-town hardware store be expected to compete with a Home Depot, or a family-owned deli compete with Subway or Walmart?

Are the days of the friendly, "Mom and Pop" store around the corner gone for good?

Maybe not - thanks to increased customer awareness and a heightened sense of customer loyalty. 

Despite recent trends, many consumers have made a concentrated effort to support locally owned businesses in their communities – trying whenever they can to purchase the items and services they need at local, privately owned stores in order to keep the tradition of the local business alive and well, even in a troubled economy.

And consumers aren’t just doing this to keep their buddies in business either; studies have shown that money spent at locally owned businesses is significantly more likely to be used at other locally owned businesses, thus strengthening the local economic base and producing a more sustainable community in the process.

In fact, supporting local businesses is an essential, required move in the effort to keep the spirit of our communities alive and well. When you spend money at local businesses, you are helping your peers put their kids through school, put food on the table, and assisting them in creating a better life for themselves and their families.

In an age where large, faceless corporations seemingly become a bigger part of our lives by the day, it’s more important than ever to trust and invest in local businesses, not just for the immediate benefits, but to also help build a better future for everyone involved.

Creative Computing is proud to not only serve local businesses in the New Hope and Princeton areas, but to also be a local business ourselves. By shopping at small, local businesses like Creative Computing, you help strengthen the local economy, invest in the community, put your taxes to good use, tend to receive a higher quality of service, and in the long run, build a better future for yourself and your family.

So before you make your next purchase, especially on a day like today, make sure to ask yourself – can I buy this locally, instead?

Chances are you can. 

And for these and many more reasons, you certainly should.