What Do Creative Computing and Chef Gordon Ramsay Have in Common?

Creative Computing is a trusted and well-known Apple Specialist. Gordon Ramsay is a trusted and well-known chef, restaurateur, and foul-mouthed reality show host.

What on earth do we have in common (besides being trusted and well known)?


1. We both LOVE to help restaurant owners

2. We both use LAVU P.O.S. Systems in order to do so. 

Except at Creative Computing, we use A LOT less curse words while working - unless you make us mad (just kidding, of course).

Check out this video to see why Chef Ramsay - and Creative Computing - take the utmost pride in using LAVU POS Systems. Contact us for you free restaurant consultation today - we have everything you need to get your businesses running at the top of its game!

Actually, not everything - Chef Ramsay isn't included. We just stick to the technology (although I heard our marketing guy makes some mean french toast).