Three Classic Halloween Films Available on iTunes!

Halloween is the season to get dressed up, eat lots of candy and - of course - "binge-watch" all your favorite scary movies.  

Here are three of my favorites with links to buy - but be warned, Creative Computing is not liable for any nightmares, crying, or so-loud-we-woke-the-neighbors screaming as a result from viewing any of these terrifying titles, enjoy!


Night of the Living Dead - Known world-wide as "the original Zombie flick", George A. Romero's legendary, low-budget film about a group of people stranded inside a creepy house during the zombie apocalypse was ground-breaking in it's day, and continues to scare the living daylights out of viewers well into the 21st century. A must see for anyone who considers themselves a "zombie-aficionado".

Halloween - The title says it all, folks. Perhaps no movie has become more synonymous with October 31st than Wes Craven's ridiculously scare-filled slasher movie, Halloween. The film, starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis, was the first to set Michael Myers (the crazy, knife-wielding maniac in the creepy Shatner mask) on the world. Dozens of sequels later, Michael Meyers is still scaring audiences - but this original stands above the rest . (WARNING - This film MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN)  


The Nightmare Before Christmas - This kid-friendly animation, sprung from the always-spooky mind of director Tim Burton, may have Christmas in the title, but viewers know 'The Nightmare Before Christmas" is all about Halloween Town! This film follows hero Jack Skellington as he tries to give the aforementioned Halloween Town (where he and his equally creepy friends live) a dose of Christmas spirit - with some very mixed results, to say the least. This recent-classic can be enjoyed at either Halloween or Christmas - personally, I watch it during both!