New June Promotions


Hello everyone! 

I'm here to give you all the low-down on our fresh and exciting June promotions. 

Want to buy a Mac from Creative Computing? If you buy one in June, we'll come to your home and set it up for you for only $70 - that's half off the original price! 

Already have a Mac, but want a new one? Well, bring your old computer into Creative Computing and trade it in for credit towards a brand new unit! If you buy a new Mac with an extended warranty, we'll give you a FREE data transfer OR an Apple USB SuperDrive at NO COST.  

As you can see we have a few great deals going on here, and Macs make the perfect present for new Grads and old Dads, so get down to Creative Computing and make June the month you get a shiny new Mac! 

 -Average Joe