Apple Co-Founder to Appear on Stamp??


Could Apple co-founder become the first person from the computer industry to appear on US Postal Stamp?

According to a report by a report by the Washington Post, Jobs' name appeared on a short-list of US icons (including Tonight Show host Johnny Carson, rocker Jimi Hendrix and Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain) approved to have their likeness appear on an official stamp sometime in the next few years.

Though a design that featured Jobs was approved, his inclusion on a stamp is still subject to change until the announcement is made official - thought its highly unlikely at this point he will be excluded. 

The Postal Service has said it dedicates some stamps to men and women who have made extraordinary contributions to American society and culture - a description that, in Average Joe's opinion (and probably yours, too) fits the technology vanguard perfectly.  

Many pundits and social media users have noted the irony that someone like Jobs, who made major contributions to an industry that has seemingly left traditional "snail-mail" teetering on irrelevance, would be honored by a stamp, of all things. While that may be true, it's hard to compile a list of influential Americans of the last half century and exclude Jobs, who's contributions to the computer and technology world, particularly in the United States, has been nearly unrivaled. 

What does everyone out there in internet-land think of the news? Does Jobs deserve his own stamp?