iTunes Revamp in the Near Future??

Have you bought any new music from the iTunes store lately? 

You may have, but apparently, Apple hasn't seen the spike in music purchases they expected when they launched iTunes radio several months ago. One of the driving factors behind launching the Apple-based radio streaming service, in their mind, was its intuitive connection to the iTunes store - which served as a creative way to drive more people to purchase their music through iTunes. 

According to recent reports, however, Apple isn't happy with the early results, as they haven't been able to slow declining iTunes' sales. In light of this, Apple is reportedly considering a major facelift of the iTunes music store, designed to combat the influence of Youtube, other music-purchasing platforms, and other subscription based music-streaming Apps like Pandora and Spotify. 

While exactly what the new "make-over" would entail still isn't clear, there are rumors it may include either a Spotify-like "on-demand" service, or even expanding the iTunes store to Android devices.

What do you think Apple should do to solve their problem? What would you like to see in a revamp of the iTunes music store? We want to hear what YOU have stay!

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