So you've purchased your brand-new, shiny Ambur POS system from Creative Computing, huh?

Awesome!  Now, we're going to help you learn how to use it! (That's just the kind of people we are)

Creating a Menu Item:

One of the first things you'll want to do is take your menu and put it on the system - no sweat! Here's how you do it...

1. First, select MENU ITEM section 

2. Then, you can click on the PLUS sign to add a new item 

3. From there, you'll have a multitude of options to choose from in creating your Menu Item, these include: name, price, kitchen name, discount, description, quantity and more. Some of these you will definitely need (name, price, etc.) and some will be up to your discretion (inventory and cost to business)

4. You then need to attach the menu item to a specific printer group, so you can make sure the item will print in the appropriate spot. You will also have the option to attach any modfiers to the menu item, apply a special tax rate, and attach the menu item to a category (for organizational purposes)

That's it! Your Menu Item has been created!

Placing an Order:

Every restaurant needs to place orders, right? (If not, you might be in trouble!)

Your Ambur POS system makes it easy for anyone to navigate.

1.  First off, select the "Orders" tab

2. Then, you can select the appropriate Table on the layout screen and choose the number of guests

3. Your Menu Screen should open up at this point, then you can select the ordered item. You can organize your menu Alphabetically, or by category - this way, you should never get lost!

4. Once you select an item, Modifiers should appear (if applicable)

5.  After choosing the correct item and modifiers, all you have to do is press SEND, and it will print out of the nearest Printing Station. 

Processing Credit Cards and Adjusting Tips:

Had trouble adjusting tips and processing credit cards with your old system? Lucky for you, Ambur makes it easier then ever!

1.  First off, you directly want to swipe the credit card from the order screen (NOT the payment screen), then the system will automatically move you over the payment screen.

2. On the payment screen, select the credit card button, then the system will ask you to select the appropriate printer - this is where the two copies will print out.

3. If you need to adjust the tip right away, you can select the name of the card in the upper right hand corner, underneath TOTAL and another menu will pull up that will allow you to do so. If you are going to wait to adjust the tip, simply select DONE after printing.

4. To adjust the tip after the server brings back the slip, select the card name on the order screen (underneath the ITEMS and CHARGES button) to pull up a menu that will allow you to do so.

5. Once the tip has been adjusted, go back to the order screen and close your order.