Welcome Restaurant Owners!


Interested in Creative Computing coming in and checking out how we can help your business with the latest POS systems and Apple Technology?

Contact our Corporate Sales Department directly at HelpMyBusiness@CreativeComputing.com


- We Install LAVU, AMBUR, SHOPKEEP, eMobilePOS and More of the World's Best POS Systems, Combined with Support From Apple Technology, Including iPads, for ANY SIZE OF RESTAURANT with fully WIRELESS capabilities

- Track Inventory, Employees Info, Sales and More Anytime, Anywhere

- Execute Lightning-Fast Tableside Ordering and Service And Gain the Ability To Safely and Securely Accept Credit Card Transactions

- Ensure You Are EMV Compliant As Required For 2015

- We Give You the Freedom to Choose Your Own Processing Method, With No Contracts Or Lock-Ins

- Annual Support Contracts or POS Options For Non-Apple Users With New Or Existing POS Systems

- Remote Diagnostics and Fixes, Support, Immediate Assistance and Troubleshooting From Apple Specialist Team Available When YOU NEED THEM

- From Ensuring Your Network Is Perfect, To Ordering Hardware, Installation, On-Going Support and Training - We'll Do All The Work For You!



For more info on our awesome products, services and corporate options take a look around our site, and always feel free to call our headquarters in New Hope, PA - 267-697-1622.

In the meantime, check out which POS system World-Famous Chef Gordan Ramsey prefers in his kitchen....

(If  the LAVU + iPad combo can please this "Kitchen Nightmare",  I'm sure we can do the same for you!)